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About Us

Pegasus School for Early Music is a private school providing high quality education within a friendly atmosphere. Early Music is our passion, and we wish to pass this excitement on to you!


For students of all ages and levels of skill, from children aged 4-5 to adults, we are pleased to offer the opportunity to: Collaborate with other students and participate in ensembles/orchestras according to your level of skill; Benefit from individual tuition on a wide variety of instruments, provided by inspiring and experienced teachers; Attend our various classes and lectures; Study Renaissance & Baroque Dance! 


One of the school's goals is to provide high quality education for children from a young age, who can benefit from participating in Introduction to Music classes, playing together with their friends in ensembles, taking individual instrument lessons in Dutch, English and additional languages, and enjoying a wide variety of activities. We believe that developing artistic taste as well as knowledge and understanding of culture in children is essential.


For adults, this is a rare chance to study Early Music in a comprehensive way, since lessons and classes of this sort are usually provided only by conservatories. The school also provides a great opportunity to prepare for conservatory studies, where a broader perspective becomes one of the main aims.


Pegasus School is based on the principles of Historically Informed Performance Practice. Our teachers are all concert artists who specialize in historical performance and share a passion and commitment to provide students with tools for understanding style and repertoire, and fulfilling their musical potential.


On this website you can find more useful information about the various options we offer for students of different ages. For any additional information, you are welcome to contact us.
















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