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Ensemble Class


This class gives you the chance to play together with several other students of the same level. We offer you an opportunity to enjoy the collaborative element of ensemble work and develop your attention, listening and coordination skills, in a positive and supportive atmosphere. Playing within an ensemble can deepen your understanding of what it means to play an instrument other than yours: this can inspire your capacity for understanding and interpretation on your own instrument. Ensemble class is usually also linked to your individual study, so you may consult with your personal teacher about technical questions.

There are separate ensemble classes for different levels– from beginner to advanced.

Music History

These classes are held by a variety of teachers from our faculty, each focusing and specializing on a different subject. Classes cover such topics as: general style and explanation of the Renaissance and Baroque periods; biographies of famous composers of the time; lectures linked to a specific repertoire put into historical and cultural context; general

culture and life in the Baroque and Renaissance periods including costume, politics, habits and everything in between…

These classes are also open to visitors by admission.

There are separate classes for children and for teenagers/adults.

Continuo Class: The Skills of Accompaniment


The harpsichord, lute/theorbo/baroque guitar and baroque cello are among the instruments given the important role of accompaniment within an ensemble. Accompanying with skill and grace is an art form in itself, and knowing how to do so according to historical principles and in style is valuable for any kind of ensemble work.

This is an advanced class given alternately by teachers of the aforementioned instruments. Continuo class has several levels, and is suitable for older children (basic level), teenagers or adults.

Historical Documentation 

An advanced class, exploring the details of historical performance by examining original treatises written by contemporary musicians, philosophers and thinkers, and looking into different sources, influences and musical examples.
This class is presented by Antoinette Lohmann and is a variation on the class she currently teaches at the Utrecht Conservatory. It is intended for teenagers/adults.




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