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The Visitor, or visiting student, option exists to allow you to get a taste of what our school has to offer without having to enroll as a regular student. This option is open to anyone age 15 onwards, at all levels of skill. Being a visiting student enables you to:

  • Discover your musical talent

  • Try-out playing a period instrument

  • Learn about different facets of the Renaissance and Baroque periods in a flexible way

  • Meet like-minded people.

As a Visitor you are welcome to decide exactly how much you would like to be involved in our activities. You can start from as little as hearing a Lecture on music history or a School Concert, or attending a Renaissance and Baroque Dance Master Class.

You can also choose to have individual lessons, starting from as few as 5 lessons per term. Because the school would like to expose Visitors to a variety of choices and repertoire, you are also allowed to freely combine lessons on different instruments

(for example, 2 lessons on violin, 1 on cello, 2 on recorder).

Visitors are also able to attend some of the school's regular classes, such as ensemble class, but participation is conditioned by taking at least one individual lesson beforehand, to determine the students' level and to prepare them for class.


With regards to participation in other classes, cases will be considered on an individual basis.

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