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Regular Student

A regular student is someone who is enrolled in the school for at least one term of weekly instrumental studies, with or without additional classes.

A regular student at the Pegasus School can be either a child or an adult.

Our goal is to ensure that every student makes the most of what our school has to offer both on a musical and personal level. Therefore, the individual instrument teachers coordinate each student's program of studies with the school's manager, and are there to help in preparation for classes and concerts.

As an adult regular student you benefit from a well-rounded education in Early Music, tailored to your needs. You get the chance to work in a creative environment of like-minded people. You can choose to have lessons on any of the school's instruments (there is also an option of combining several), and are welcome to choose from all available classes, including those which are usually not open to visitors.

As explained on the How it Works page, classes are usually divided into levels, to ensure maximal compatibility between the student's needs and the classes attended.


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